We’re back! Joyous celebration with Nickomo

A huge thanks to all those who attended the PoN Celebration Event last Sunday, it was such a joyous occasion and testament to the quality and dedication of our leaders Nickomo and Rasullah.

The feelings of love and joy shared amongst us all was palpable. Friends greeted each other, shared their experiences, laughed, and of course cried together, as our joy was also mixed with sadness.

We all knew that it was our farewell to two much loved and respected people. Throughout the afternoon, many of us were able to thank them personally and to share how much the PON Choir has meant to us.

Over the 20 years Nickomo and Rasullah have created a family and like all families, strong bonds are formed that hold people together and we certainly felt like one big family as we sang our first song Thina Simunye. To experience them both leading us once more with such energy and composure, was a truly moving and memorable moment that will remain with us all.

We will now carry on their legacy and by keeping the spirit of the PON Choir alive, we can encourage new generations of singers to join our family for years to come.

The special souvenir programme, with the words and photos from the past 20 years can be downloaded here.


And here’s a video of our first song, PoN favourite Thina Simunye – We Are Family.

We’re now looking forward to the autumn programme, starting with Wendy Sergeant on Tuesday 14th Sept, and our first Saturday workshop on Saturday 18th with Eliza Fyfe. Do join us, all welcome!