PONITA – for members of PON

In 2004 members of People of Note created their own organisation within the choir called PONITA. The aim was to take responsibility for organising tours and community and charity events which the leaders at that time were not in a position to take on, as they were not Bristol based and had other commitments.

The rather curious name is an acronym for People of Note International Touring Association (PONITA) as it was first set up for a visit to a festival of choirs in Barcelona.

PONITA organised many wonderful trips and events and opportunities for the choir to meet and sing together outside of rehearsals and the annual summer concert. It has always been separate and not involved in the running of People of Note choir.

Following the news in 2020 that Nickomo and Rasullah would be retiring from the choir, PONITA organised a Working Party of People of Note members in order to find a new leader. From September 2021 onwards the Working Party set up a number of workshops with different leaders to help our search.  In late 2021 , the choir asked Rosie Sleightholme to be their new leader, and this was made official after the PONITA AGM in February 2022.

PONITA still exists but is not active, as Rosie is Bristol based offering PON members lots of performance and workshop opportunities,

Current Ponita Committee

Christine Golesworthy, Robin McDowell, Eric Booth.

The Legal Bit

People of Note International Touring Association (PONITA) is a Registered Charity, number 111389. This means we have to  have a Constitution, that you can read here .  As part of our Constitution, we have a Complaints Policy in case we get something wrong for a member, or member of the public.

2024 AGM – 11th June 2024

2023 AGM – 25th April 2023

2022 AGMhttps://peopleofnote.org.uk/what-happened-at-our-gathering-and-agm-on-19th-feb-2022/