People of Note is one of Bristol’s longest standing community choirs. The choir was set up in 1992 by Nickomo Clarke and Nick Petts, and run by Nickomo and  Rasullah from 2008-2020.

Following the news that Nickomo and Rasullah would be retiring from the choir, a group of People of Note choir members set up a Working Party in order to find a new leader. From September 2021 onwards the Working Party set up a number of workshops with different leaders in order to find the right person to lead the choir.  In late 2021 , the choir asked Rosie Sleightholme to be their new leader, and this was made official after the PONITA AGM in February 2022.


In 2004 members of People of Note created their own organisation within the choir called People of Note International Touring Association (PONITA), to organise tours and community and charity events for choir members outside of rehearsals and the annual summer concert.

PONITA has always been separate and not involved in the running of People of Note choir, other than taking on the challenge of keeping PON going through a series of workshops and events in 2021-22 while we were searching for a new leader. Further info here.