Do I need to read music?

No! All songs are taught by ear and there’s no need to read music. As such, we don’t use scores during rehearsals (but for those who like to learn with a score at home, these are available).

Can I try you out before committing?

Yes! Your first session is a free taster and, if you want to join us, you then pay for the rest of the term pro rata. You can come for a free taster at any point of the term (if you come later in the term you will have missed some teaching, but you can catch up by listening to the Soundcloud, or you can  wait to join the following term.

Do I get resources to practice at home?

Once you’ve signed up for the term you get online access to song recordings and lyrics to practice at home. You can also have scores for practising at home if you like to learn this way.

What kind of songs do you sing?

We sing songs from all over the world, and with a range of repertoire – some simpler and easier to pick up, some a bit more challenging, with a mix of languages and styles. If you’re looking for a rock or pop choir, that’s not us (there are plenty of great ones in Bristol to choose from!). If you’re looking for eclectic and beautiful music with gorgeous harmonies, we’re the choir for you. Below is a sample of songs we have sung in the last year, with recordings where available:

  • Tourdion – Pierre Attaignant 1530/Cesar Geoffray 1949 (performance here)
  • Call in the Spring – Rosie Sleightholme (performance here)
  • Weave a Prayer – Helen Yeomans (rehearsal recording here)
  • Tebye Poyem – Dmitri Bortniansky (rehearsal recording here)
  • Sing Out – Sarah Morgan (rehearsal recording here)
  • We Shall Be Known – Ma Muse
  • Elesa – Trad Georgian (video of performance at St George’s here)
  • Chapel of Love – Ellie Greenwich / Jeff Barry, arr Rosie Sleightholme
  • Hlonolofatsa – Suweto Gospel Choir (rehearsal video here)
  • White Winter Hymnal – Robin Pecknold (Christmas concert video here)
  • Siyahamba – Trad Zulu (rehearsal video here)
  • The Winter Wheel – Rosie Sleightholme (Christmas concert video here)
  • White Winter Hymnal – Robin Pecknold of the Fleet Foxes, arr Kate Fletcher(video here)

Do you perform?

Yes! We love coming together to busk, perform at community events and fundraisers, and we usually do at least one performance a term, as it’s great to have something to aim towards. We usually join forces with Rosie’s two other choirs (The Rising Sun Singers and Folks & Bairns parent and baby choir)

Since Rosie took over, People of Note has done some great performances, including three at St George’s concert hall (South West Community Choirs Convention 2022 and 2023, and Singing City 2022), Bristol Harbour Festival 2022, Bristol Beacon’s Festival of Voice 2023, and Treefest at St Mary Redcliffe (2022 and 2023). We’ve also sung at lovely local community events including Windmill Hill City Farm market, and have done two wonderful Christmas concerts (2022 and 2023) raising money for local charities.

If you’re in the choir there’s no obligation to perform, although most people choose to as our performances are always at lovely events and are lots of fun!

Is your venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes. St Paul’s Church Southville has a ramp and accessible toilets.

I haven’t sung since school, is that okay?

Absolutely. Many new members to Rosie’s choirs say that they haven’t sung since school. But singing is an innate expression of ourselves that we all have inside us and, once you get going, your voice will come out, even if it’s a bit rusty at first!

I want to sing but I’m really nervous…is this for me?

Rosie finds that many new members to her choirs have some kind of story to tell about a bad experience they had as a child, eg being told to mime in the school choir/being told they can’t sing etc, which has meant they’ve gone through life holding their voice back and believing what some silly grown up told them as a child. How awful is that?  Singing is a birthright, and every voice has the right to be heard! For those nervous about singing, People of Note is a safe space to allow your voice to grow and flourish. If you like you can sit and absorb the music and let your voice come naturally when you’re ready. Rosie has observed that once singers let go (and stop giving a sh*t about what people may think about their voice!) they find they absolutely CAN sing, and they just seem lighter and happier!

There’s something about the collective experience of individuals all singing together and enjoying themselves that results in a gorgeous sound, even when individuals may not have thought they’d be able to achieve it on their own. So, if you’re nervous, why not brave it and see what happens, you will likely surprise yourself!

How much does it cost?

See our Fees page for pricing information.

Can I pay for individual sessions?

No, sorry. After your free taster you pay in a block for the rest of the term. This encourages commitment from you and gives Rosie financial security.

How do I pay?

Once you’ve signed up, we will send you all payment info.