People of Note is a community choir in Bristol. Weekly groups meet in Southville and in Clifton, joining together for concerts and events.  It was set up in 1992 by Nickomo Clarke and Nick Petts, and run by Nickomo and Rasullah since about 2008. 

PONITA was set up in 2005 by members of People of Note who wanted extra opportunities to enjoy singing together and spread the ethos of community choirs. The rather curious name is an acronym of People of Note International Touring Association, as it was set up in support of a trip to a choir convention in Galway, Ireland.  People of Note leaders Nickomo and Rasullah are not involved directly in PONITA but support us by allowing us to use their arrangements.

All members of PON are automatically members of PONITA too, and so are always very welcome to join in events the committee organise. These include performances at cultural and singing festivals, and in support of other charitable trusts, locally, UK-wide, and overseas.

In the past year (2016-17) PONITA has sung at many diffent venues and occasions including :

  • South Bristol Arts Trail
  • Clifton Easter Garden Party
  • Blaise House Garden
  • Cheddar Michalmas Fair
  • Amnesty International Garden Party at Goldeney House
  • Tree fest at St Mary Redcliffe church
  • In Cabot Circus in aid of St Mungo’s charity.

We also hold social gatherings such as boat trips, and wonderful Cabaret evenings. Once a year we have workshops with inspirational leaders. In recent years we have worked with Jon Conway, Helen Yeomans, and Kate Dimbleby.

Because we aim to enjoy ourselves singing  the best we can, and because events need to be planned for and rehearsed, we need plenty of people participating – whether experienced or just beginning. So to find out more come and talk to a committee member, use the contact page, or email us at ponitamail@gmail.com


Rehearsals are fun, social and make all the difference. Rehearsal space is booked and paid for through a £5 charge per event (we try to have two rehearsals per event). Tea, coffee, cakes etc at each rehearsal are £1.


People of Note International Touring Association (PONITA) is a Registered Charity, number 111389. This means we have to  have a Constitution, that you can read here . And we have an Annual General Meeting in November. Here are the Minutes of the 2017 AGM.  As part of our Constitution, we have a Complaints Policy in case we get something wrong for a member, or member of the public.